Development Services:

NCM Development will offer various services to help with your development project: Some of our services include:

Evaluating the circumstances of the project and determine the best possible legal structure to fit your situation. We will advocate on behalf of the developer to ensure that the transaction is structured in a way most favorable to you.

Drafting all necessary documents for your review and approval to properly structure the transaction. Such efforts can help preserve the developer’s preferred structure and help maximize qualified expenses.

Making modifications to any existing consulting agreements to ensure that they are structured in a way for you take receive as much money for your project as possible.

Working to leverage all of the sources of funds available to help get your project to completion.

Identifying and recruiting potential investors for your project. Unlike other companies, NCM Development is not committed to a particular investor and does not limit its services to simply one lender. We are committed to finding the investor that will provide the most equity to your project. We will solicit offers from numerous investors to ensure we are providing you with the best price for you credits.

Identifying public-sector tax related benefits and presenting those opportunities to you. Should you elect to pursue any of these opportunities, we shall assist in securing these incentives for your project.

Creating, collecting and packaging information needed in advance of closing in a timely and professional manner so as to ensure a smooth process.

Attending all necessary consultant and/or construction meetings to ensure that your project is proceeding efficiently.

Assisting with selection of and work with an accounting firm to complete the cost certification and annual reports required by investors.

General Partner Services:

NCM Development is expert in support services to the Partners of a private equity fund complex. We recognize that the structure and economics of every general partner are unique; using our vast industry experience we will provide you with a customized service solution. We utilize state of the art technology that provides robust reporting with 24/7 access to our clients.

Fund Launch

Review of Organizational documents for operational integrity and best practices

Model GP sharing economics

Liaise with Legal Counsel and Advisors

Design custom communications package for investor notices, financial reporting and other reports

Accounting and Administrative Services:

Capital call and distribution processing

Cash receipts and disbursement processing

Maintenance of books and records

Maintain investment ledger

Maintain carry plan

Track leverage

Compute partner allocations

Prepare financial and investor reporting

Coordinate with independent auditors

Coordinate with tax advisors

Investor Services

Investor database management

Disseminate capital call and distribution notices, and other investor correspondence

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NCM Real Estate Development is capable and committed to providing innovative designs and personal service to our development clients.