Like ext4, it should most likely be considered a stopgap along the way towards something better. Ext4 addresses this problem head on with e4defrag, an online, kernel-mode, filesystem-aware, block-and-extent-level defragmentation utility. Like ext2 before it, ext3 uses 16-bit internal addressing. This means that with a blocksize of 4K, the largest filesize it can handle is 2 TiB in a maximum filesystem size of 16 TiB.

  • Connect the drive containing Linux ext partitions to the computer.
  • It seems that you don’t need to sign in with your MSA as you said, a local account should work too.
  • I need this done in a production environment and want to avoid a physical Linux machine if possible.
  • So, figure out which key your computer uses, then shut it down.

Snipping Tool in Windows 10 allows the users to take snapshots of their screen and save or print it directly from the interface. But sometimes you might experience the Snipping tool not working, it shows a black screen or blank screen instead of the actual screenshot. However, some users have reported a snipping tool shortcut not working issue in Microsoft Community Forums. Just start snipping tool and click on new. As soon as you click New and overlay covers the screen. When you start the Snipping Tool you can click on the Options button to set the preferences on how you want the program to operate.

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Also there is an option to display the icon in quick launch toolbar. Many snipping tools go one step further and enable users to create a video of their screen. With snipping tools, users have the ability to record a screen, resize the frames and export the files.

As mentioned before, the differences between the two file systems are quite striking. The file systems have slightly different performance. While NTFS has better bloat and less fragmentation, Ext4 is faster in sequential reads and writes. Moreover, Ext4 has better journaling than NTFS, and it uses less space than NTFS.

The safest method for accessing Linux files or folders is to use a read-only option like DiskInternals Linux Reader. With software like this, the chances of corrupting your files are zero. As soon as a drive letter is assigned to your drive, you should be able to see it in File Explorer. Choose the location to save your files and folders.

Linux Installation Instructions for EasyRPG Player

If you are using a desktop computer, make sure you use a good WiFi card that supports 5GHz as it will drastically impact the system update time. Windows 10 installation may drivers download require considerably more time – 25 to 35 minutes if your computer is equipped with a Hard Disk Drive instead of an SSD. Windows will examine your system for the missing driver using Windows Update, allowing you to search for and install a new driver. Especially for serious gamers with high-powered graphics cards, keeping drivers up-to-date can be an important part of system maintenance to maximize the gaming experience.

WFH Tips & Tricks

Note that the download may take a long time depending on your internet connection. Make sure not to disrupt the process until the bootable USB drive is created. There are many instances where you might need to reinstall your operating system or get a new one entirely. For example, you’d need to reinstall Windows if you encountered a serious error, your hard drive became damaged or corrupted, or you’re upgrading/downgrading your system. If you choose to “Remove Everything”, make sure that you have a recent backup of your personal files to another storage media (e.g. a USB disk), otherwise all your files will be lost.

There may be a pop-up windows which asks your Administrative Permission, just Press “OK’ and “Continue” to finish the progress. If the Snipping Tool doesn’t work properly, for example, Snipping Tool shortcut, eraser, or pen not working, you may quit the Snipping Tool and restart it. The Snipping tool may not work properly when some related system files are damaged. ] You may also face trouble after you updated your Windows to the latest Windows 11. As we test, the methods below also work for Windows 11, so you are free to have a try.