Too Much Good News? The calendar is approximately to March. it’s been a long winter for some of us. We had the Polar Vortex, plenty of snow and ice, and winds that are high may have knocked us offline — a fate even worse than not receiving any texts into the previous 10-15 mins!

The thirty days of March therefore the first few days of April would be the season that is main college acceptances. Choices are imminent. For a review that is thorough of the exact times are for key universities’ acceptance notifications, go here thread in the College Confidential conversation forum. You will see dates as soon as March 5 and as late as April 15. Smart money has all of the Ivies delivering their decisions March 28, aided by the others on 1 april. How many April Fools jokes will happen that day?

Across these next six days, colleges are issuing their acceptances, denials and wait-listings. A number of you have already gotten a most likely page, which will be news that is early good. Nearly all of you, nevertheless, are simply waiting … looking forward to that ‘fat’ envelope or e-mail (can an email message be fat?).

Let’s imagine that you have put on at least a half-dozen schools. If you should be an applicant that is savvy you’ve got spread the hoped-for wide range of one’s opportunities throughout the ‘Reach-Target-Safety’ spectrum. Of course, we realize that many seniors these days are scarcely satisfied with, or feel secure about signing up to just six c